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The Assistant

Rating: M, Offensive language & sexual themes

Running time: 1hr 25mins

Julia Garner (TV's Ozark) is the assistant to a powerful corporate executive in this indie drama from award-winning filmmaker Kitty Green (Casting JonBenet).

Over the course of a single day, we follow Jane, a recently appointed junior assistant to an entertainment mogul as she performs her daily tasks while deflecting flak from all corners. As the pressure mounts and the abuses accumulate, she resolves to take a stand - only to realise the true depth of the system of which she is now part.

Master Cheng

Rating: TBA

Running time: 1hr 54mins


Following the death of his wife, professional chef CHENG travels with his young son to a remote village in Finland to connect with an old Finnish friend he once met in Shanghai. Upon arrival, nobody in the village seems to know his friend but
local cafe owner Sirkka offers him accommodation and in return Cheng helps her in the kitchen surprising the locals with the delights of Chinese cuisine.

Gradually his cooking encourages these vastly different cultures to connect and Cheng is soon a celebrated member of the community. Unfortunately, his tourist visa is soon to run out and it's up to the villagers to come up with a plan to help him stay ...

“Watch it for the idyllic countryside, the enchanting characters and great performances
but stay for the food pictures over the closing credits.” -EyeForFilm

All At Sea

Rating: M

Running time: 1hr 28mins

ALL AT SEA is a charming British comedy with a fantastic cast, starring Brian Cox (Churchill, Succession, Rory’s Way), Lauren Bacall (Murder on the Orient Express, The Big Sleep) and James Fox (Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes).

Brian Cox is an old rogue who breaks all the rules to fulfill a friend's dying wish to be buried at sea in this UK-Norwegian black comedy.


Rating: R16, Violence, cruelty, offensive language & content that may disturb

Running time: 1hr 57 mins


WINNER of the Audience Award, 2018 Sundance Film Festival

A reverend (Forest Whitaker) tries to keep racial tensions from escalating when a Klu Klux Klan museum is opened in his South Carolina town in this Sundance Audience Award-winning true story drama.

"Mike Burden (Garrett Hedlund, Mudbound) is a taciturn repo man rising through the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan in small-town South Carolina, 1996. Orphaned as a child, he is fiercely loyal to local Klan leader and toxic father figure Tom Griffin (Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson, Michael Clayton). But Burden has a change of heart when he falls for Judy (Andrea Riseborough, Birdman), a single mother who stirs his social conscience. His violent break from the Klan sends him into the open arms of Reverend Kennedy (Whitaker), an idealistic African American preacher, who offers him safety and a shot at redemption." (Sundance Film Festival)

Love Sarah

Rating: M Offensive language, sexual references & drug use

Running time: 1hr 37mins


A young woman is on a mission to fulfill her mother's dream of opening a bakery in Notting Hill in this feel-good drama featuring The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel's Celia Imrie. Eliza Schroeder's feature directing debut.