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Happy Ending

Rating: M, Sex scenes, offensive language & nudity

Running time: 1 hr 36 mins

Starts 12 December

70 is the new 70!
Two recently separated septuagenarians try to start anew in this Danish romantic comedy from award-winning director Hella Joof.

After waiting patiently for her husband to finally retire, Helle is aghast to learn that he's decided to begin a new career in wine exporting - and has already invested all their savings. After splitting up, they both seek new experiences and opportunities but soon learn that starting again at 70 isn't easy.

Ask Dr Ruth

Rating: M, Sexual references

Running time: 1hr 40mins


America's most famous sex therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, is the subject of this documentary tracing her life from Holocaust survivor to acceptable face of sexuality in American living rooms.

"Filmmaker Ryan White captures Dr. Ruth’s exuberant and snappy personality as she hopscotches from speaking engagements to TV and radio appearances. Her infectious energy is colored with an almost arresting openness that is joyous and nonjudgmental, and the affable rapport between filmmaker and subject is a welcome source of laughter. Alongside her optimism, however, are storybook-like animations that bring Dr. Ruth’s childhood as an orphan of the Holocaust to life. The tragic loss of being separated from her parents and never seeing them again shaped how she would embrace the world. The film is an inspiring and entertaining portrait of a trailblazer that reveals the darkness Dr. Ruth emerged from to bring light to so many people." (Sundance Film Festival)

The Biggest Little Farm

Rating: E

Running time: 1hr 32mins

Hit documentary that follows filmmaker John Chester, his wife and their dog as they chase their dream to set up a sustainable farm - with zero experience.

"It all started with rescue dog, Todd. He just didn’t like living downtown, so cameraman John and caterer Molly decided to up sticks and move to a rundown homestead an hour outside the city. Their aim was to farm in harmony with nature – but the snails, coyotes and bugs etc., had other ideas. Restoring the soil, fighting off infestations, nursing pregnant pigs, coping with fire and drought – it’s all in a day’s work for the determined couple. By year eight, the natural world is rebounding – barn owls, bobcats, gopher snakes and more – and Apricot Lane Farm is alive with infinite possibilities." (Sydney Film Festival)

After the Wedding

Rating: M, Offensive language

Running time: 1hr 50mins


Michelle Williams is an orphanage manager who travels to New York to meet a benefactor (Julianne Moore) in this drama based on the 2008 Danish film.

"Isabel (Williams) has dedicated her life to working with the children in an orphanage in Calcutta. Theresa (Moore) is the multimillionaire head of a media company who lives with her handsome artist husband (Billy Crudup) and their two adorable twin boys in New York. When word comes to Isabel of a mysterious and generous grant for the financially struggling orphanage, she must travel to New York to meet the benefactor — Theresa — in person. And when Isabel is spontaneously invited to Theresa’s daughter’s wedding, Isabel discovers a connection to Theresa that takes her on an unexpected journey into her own past." (Sundance Film Festival)

Mrs Lowry and Son

Rating: PG, Nudity

Running time: 1hr 31mins


Artist L.S. Lowry (two-time BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall) pursues his artistic ambitions to the chagrin of his domineering mother (Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave) in this British drama based on the stage play of the same name.

"Bed-ridden and bitter, Elizabeth (Redgrave) actively tried to dissuade her bachelor son from pursuing his ambitions, whilst never failing to voice her opinion at what a disappointment he was to her." (British Film Council)