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Tickets are $15.00 across the board, not bad eh!

Mountain Film Festival

Wednesday 10th August, 6.30pm
Thursday 11th August, 7pm

The first time at the Dome, we are pleased to grab on to the coat tales of this highly acclaimed event, showing a selection of titles from the full festival. Knowing Gisborne is full of adventurers we hope this new addition to our adventure offerings is going to be popular. Booking recommended - text your details to 027 590 2117.

Each year, the NZ Mountain Film Festival Charitable Trust puts on one of the world’s
major Mountain Film Festivals in Wanaka and Queenstown, an internationally known
event that attracts film makers from around the world. The festival aims to show case
films from the high-octane sports such as skiing, climbing, kayaking and mountain biking.
It also features increasingly topical environmental and mountain culture films to inform
and entertain.

Wednesday 6.30pm - 1hr 53mins
Traversing the Night (40 mins) Director Maddy Whittaker, NZ.
Ô’Parizad (36 mins) Director Guillaume Pierrel, France, subtitles.
We Don't Usually Have Ice Creams (10 mins) Director Paul McCredie, NZ.
House of The Gods (44 mins) Director Matt Pycroft, UK.

Thursday 7pm - 1hr 42mins
We Don't Usually Have Ice Creams (10 mins) Director Paul McCredie, NZ.
Traversing the Night (40 mins) Director Maddy Whittaker, NZ.
The Great Alpine Highway – 73 (23 mins) Directors Fin Woods, Chris Maunsell &
Craig Murray, NZ.
The Long Way Home (40 mins) Directors Rebecca Wardell & Whitney Oliver, NZ.

For more info on the film titles go to the link below

The Gardener

Rating: TBA

Running time: 1hr 28mins

STARTS July 28
Shortly before his passing at the age of 86, influential gardener and horticulturalist Frank Cabot recounted his personal quest for perfection at Les Quatre Vents, his twenty-acre English style garden and summer estate that was opened to a film crew for the first time ever in 2009. Nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Charlevoix County in Quebec, Les Quatre Vents has become one of the world’s foremost private gardens. Created over 75 years and three generations, it is an enchanted place of beauty and surprise, a horticultural masterpiece of the 21st century.

"A soothing and transporting journey sure to inspire gardeners of all stripes to create their own slice of heaven." - Los Angeles Times

Ruby's Choice

Rating: PG, Violence & coarse language

Running time: 1hr 57mins

Starring two-time Golden Globe Winner Jane Seymour OBE, Ruby’s Choice is a poignant tale that follows three generations of strong women. Bonded by shared moments of wisdom and joy, secrets from the past are revealed. As Ruby’s illness threatens to push them apart, the family must make a big decision.

Ruby’s Choice will resonate with audiences touched by dementia, while offering hope and inspiration to live life to the fullest. Ruby's Choice is supporting dementia care with a portion of its profits.


Rating: E

Running time: 1hr 26mins

Documentary portrait on Mary Quant, a vanguard of the stylistic revolution of the '60s and '70s and one of Britain's most renowned cultural figures.

Quant led the charge away from convention and conservatism through the championing of ground-breaking designs including the miniskirt and hot pants, plus an ingeniously creative partnership with hair stylist, Vidal Sassoon. Cinematic and stylistic, this is the story of the iconic design and retail pioneer, from her very first store on London’s legendary King’s Road, through to the development of a global empire.

Mermaid in Paris

Rating: M, Nudity

Running time: 1hr 43mins

A man rescues a mermaid in Paris and slowly falls for her in this French fantasy romance.

A crooner with a broken heart, Gaspard had sworn never to fall in love again. As for Lula, a pretty mermaid, she has only her singing to defend herself from men, making their hearts race until they explode. When the Seine floods and deposits Lula at the foot of the Flowerburger, the barge-cabaret where Gaspard sings, it is a mini-tsunami that will upset and change their lives. He, the man who has suffered from having loved too much, and she, the creature who has never known love, will get to know each other. And to sing with the same voice...


Rating: M, Offensive language & domestic abuse themes

Running time: 1hr 35mins

Winner of the Golden Camera at Cannes 2021, this Croatian drama follows a teenage girl who decides to replace her controlling father with his wealthy foreign friend during a weekend trip to the Adriatic Sea.

Frock's and Diva's

Rating: M, Offensive language

Running time: 1hr 16mins

Initially a small event to empower women and bring their community together, Tarnished Frocks and Divas grew in popularity to become a nationwide event across Aotearoa. Led by the effervescent Jackie Clarke and Annie Crummer this story is a heart warmer.


Rating: TBC

Running time: 1hr 29mins

An eye-opening look at the infamous Gloriavale Christian Community and the institutional failures that have allowed one of the world's biggest and longest running cults to continue.

"The closed doors of the Gloriavale Christian Community are forcefully assailed in this probing documentary, which follows a team of survivors and supporters on their crusade to bring the West Coast cult’s true nature to light. A heady mix of exposé and legal drama, with flourishes of espionage and heart-rending confessionals, the film makes an impassioned case against an organisation steeped in allegations of coercion, oppression and abuse.

"Directed by Noel Smyth and Fergus Grady (Camino Skies), the documentary introduces brother and sister John and Virginia, escapees fighting to free the rest of their family from the organisation’s grasp. Home video footage from their youth gives the audience a rare glimpse inside the daily operations of Gloriavale, while their interviews recount a harrowing lifestyle of servitude, exploitation and sexual abuse. Meanwhile, an eclectic team of lawyers, investigators and campaigners wage a strategic battle against the wealthy organisation through the court system, in the face of seemingly ambivalent powers that be." (New Zealand International Film Festival)

Persona FAR OUT! Film Night

Running time: 1hr 25mins

1 hr 25 min


FAR OUT! Presents:

PERSONA (1966)

One Night Only
Tue 30 Aug. doors at 5:30, show at 6:30
Booking recommended.

$10 cash

A well known actress suffers a moment of blankness during a performance and soon lapses into total silence. Advised by her doctor to take time off to recover from what appears to be an emotional breakdown, Elisabeth goes to a beach house with only Anna, her nurse, as company. Over the next several weeks, as Anna struggles to reach her mute patient, the two women find themselves experiencing a strange emotional convergence.

Characterized by elements of psychological suspense, Persona has been the subject of much critical analysis, interpretation, and debate.The experimental style of storytelling has also been noted. The enigmatic film has been called the Mount Everest of cinematic analysis. Director Ingmar Bergman was very influential to filmmaker David Lynch, and this film in particular was a significant influence on the film Mullhulland Drive.

Many critics consider Persona one of the greatest films ever made. It was ranked the 5th best film ever made in Sight & Sound's 1972 poll and 17th in 2012. Anyone wanting to see something DIFFERENT will not be let down.

The Princess

Rating: Exempt

Running time: 1hr 44mins

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ed Perkins tells Princess Diana's story through contemporaneous archive, bringing forth a narrative of her life and death as well as the public's attitude towards the monarchy.