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Bel Canto

Rating: M, Violence & offensive language

Running time: 1hr 40mins


Oscar winner Julianne Moore and Ken Watanabe (Inception) lead this hostage thriller about an opera singer and a wealthy businessman who stick together while a guerrilla rebel group take over a private performance. From the Oscar-nominated writer-director of About a Boy.

God of the Piano

Rating: M Sex scenes

Running time: 1hr 20mins

Israeli drama following apiring musician Anat. Having never been able to reach her father's musical standards, she rests her hopes on the child she's about to have. When the baby is born deaf, Anat succumbs to extreme measures to keep the dream alive and raise the musical prodigy she was planning on.

Romantic Road

Rating: PG, Coarse language & drug references

Running time: 1hr 21mins

Meet Rupert and Jan Grey, a free-spirited and eccentric upper-class English couple in their sixties, married for 35 years and on the verge of retirement.

At a time when most couples are preparing for a simple life, this intrepid pair ignore everyone’s advice and embark on a remarkable journey - to drive Rupert’s father’s 1936 Rolls Royce across India on their way to a photography festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over six months and some 5000 miles they fall into company with tea-wallah and maharajahs, dodge tribal conflicts, negotiate with border officials and make constant mechanical repairs.

Oliver McGarvey’s remarkable new documentary is at once a rare glimpse into a unique expedition, a study of a love story 35 years in the making and a reminder to never stop embracing the possibilities of life.

“Eccentric and adventurous.” - Docpoint Helsinki

“Redefines expedition film-making.” - Ray Mears, BBC

“A uniquely inspired expedition that redefines later life.
 Living proof you can live your dreams no matter how odd, wild or crazy they might be.” - Edmonton International Film Festival

“Philosophically evocative.” - Edmonton Journal

“Reminds us how important it is to have the support of a love one at all times.” - Sky Arte


Rating: TBA

Running time: 1hr 30mins

Dane ‘Marbles’ Marbeck can see ghosts thanks to a homemade drug: his late father’s neurological medication mixed with marijuana.
Marbles’ mum plans to sell the family farm, the only link to his happy memories with his dad. So when a ghost cop, Officer Jayson Tagg turns up while pursuing a serial killer and offering money in exchange for Marbles help, Marbles accepts. The unlikely duo of stoner medium and ghost cop struggle to reconcile their differences while they navigate their way through ghouls, perverts, a mysterious hooded figure, and an unexpected shot at love.
It becomes clear the only way Marbles and Tagg will solve the case with their souls intact is to confront their deepest regrets and overcome their prejudices.

Brit-Marie Was Here

Rating: M

Running time: 1hr 38mins

Leaving her husband to hit the reset button on her life, a former housewife in her 60s finds a new calling in the unlikeliest of places - being the coach of her small town's youth football team - in this Swedish comedy. Based on the novel by Fredrik Backman (A Man Called Ove).

A Bump Along the Way

Rating: M, Offensive language & sexual references

Running time: 1hr 35mins

A Bump Along the Way is a female-led, feel good, comedy-drama set in Derry, Northern Ireland. It tells the story of fun-loving, 44 year old single Mum Pamela (Bronagh Gallagher) who becomes pregnant after a boozy one-night-stand with a man half her age, much to the shame of her buttoned-up teenage daughter Allegra (Lola Petticrew). As Pamela deals with her unexpected pregnancy and the growing pains of disgruntled Allegra, the challenges they both face ultimately bring mother and daughter to a better understanding of themselves and each other.

Winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the Irish Film Festival
Winner of the Best Debut Feature Award at the Irish Film Festival
Nominated for the TIFF
Nominated for the Audience Award at the Glasgow Film Festival
Nominated for the Discovery Award at the British Indie Film Awards

Inside Llewyn Davis FAR OUT! Film Night

Rating: M, Offensive language

Running time: 1hr 50mins

FAR OUT! Film Night:

One Night Only
Tue 25 Aug.
7:00pm - (Doors Open at 6:00) $10 cash

A Film By The Coen Brothers

A 2013 black comedy-drama film. Set in the early sixties in New York City, the film follows one week in the life of a folk singer struggling to achieve musical success while keeping his life in order. Though Llewyn Davis is a fictional character, the story is partly inspired by the autobiography of the very real (and the very not well known) Dave Von Ronk. Most of the folk songs performed in the film are sung in full and recorded live.

Endings, Beginnings

Rating: R16, Sex scenes, offensive language & content that may disturb

Running time: 1hr 50mins

Shailene Woodley (Divergent), Sebastian Stan (Avengers: Endgame) and Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey) wind up in a love triangle in this romance from Like Crazy director Drake Doremus.

Reeling from a bad recent break-up, Daphne (Woodley) finds herself adrift in life ... Then, at one of her sister's parties, Daphne meets Frank (Stan) and Jack (Dornan) ... Unable to choose between these almost polar opposites, Daphne finds herself bouncing between them instead, enjoying the distinct ways each man sees her — it's as though she's auditioning different versions of herself and the life that might be waiting for her. But fate has a way of making decisions for us, and the time soon comes when Daphne is forced to accept that having it all might just be a disguise for having nothing." (Toronto International Film Festival)

The Trip to Greece

Rating: M

Running time: 1hr 50mins

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan rejoin Palme d'Or-nominated director Michael Winterbottom for the next adventure in their European comedy travelogue series.