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Goodbye Julia

Rating: M - Adult themes

Running time: 2 hrs


Directed by Mohamed Kordofani

Goodbye Julia tells the story of two women who represent the complicated relationship and differences between northern and southern Sudanese communities. Just before the secession of South Sudan, a married former singer, Mona from the north, seeks redemption for causing the death of a southern man by hiring his oblivious wife, Julia as her maid. The two women forge an unusual relationship across devastating divides in this engrossing Sudanese drama.

Wracked by guilt after covering up the murder, Mona tries to make amends. Unable to confess her transgressions to Julia, Mona decides to leave the past behind and adjust to a new status quo, unaware that the country’s turmoil may find its way into her home and put her face to face with her sins.

SUDAN'S ENTRY INTO THE ACADEMY AWARDS & Winner of the Un Certain Regard Freedom Prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2023

A prizewinner in Cannes' Un Certain Regard section, Mohamed Kordofani's well-performed deep cut into Sudan's recent history unfolds like a morality thriller. Telling the story of a fraught friendship between two very different women, Kordofani’s intelligent, compassionate scripting ensures that the political never overwhelms the personal. Yet it also illuminates just how well the fault lines that divide a nation can map onto the rifts within a human heart divided against itself.
-Variety Magazine-

Manages to strike a perfect balance between an intelligent political and cultural backdrop and a thrilling and highly intimate plot.

A gut-wrenching and emotionally rewarding tale of religious persecution compounded by entrenched racism... With the help of an excellent cast, Kordofani proves that it is possible to bear witness to history in a place rarely depicted on screen while framing repercussions as an ever-evolving game of high-stakes emotional chess.
-Screen Daily-

Kordofani’s fine direction balances the film’s multiple modes: It’s a drama, with shades of a thriller and a sense of its own politics.
-Hollywood Reporter-

Arabic with English subtitles

Summer of Soul

Rating: M

Running time: 2 hr

FAR OUT! Presents: SUMMER OF SOUL (2021) directed by Questlove

Sunday, 3 March at 6:30pm
Wednesday, 6 March at 6:30pm
Friday, 15 March at 7pm

99% on Rotten Tomatoes

Winner of the 2022 Oscar for Best Doc...
(and every other award it was eligible for.)

In the summer of 1969 The City of New York organized and funded the Harlem Cultural Festival: a FREE concert which took place on six Sundays between June 29 and August 24. Thousands turned up to attend one of the most legendary lineups of all time. Despite its large attendance and performers such as Stevie Wonder, Mahalia Jackson, Nina Simone, the 5th Dimension, the Staple Singers, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Mavis Staples, Sly and the Family Stone ...and many more, the festival is much less known in the 21st century than the Woodstock Festival (which took place during the same time). The filmmakers investigate this, among other topics.

New footage of folks in attendance as well as artists who performed is also included. An unspeakably beautiful film, guaranteed to feed your soul!!!

Let the Dance Begin

Rating: M - Offenseve Language

Running time: 1hr 39mins


Directed by Marina Seresesky

30 years ago, Carlos and Margarita were the most famous tango couple in the world. Carlos now lives in Madrid, enjoying the second opportunity that life has given him, and Margarita lives in Buenos Aires immersed in a life of solitude.

A sudden event will force the couple to reunite and to start a journey on the roads of Argentina together with their longtime friend Pichuquito. A road-trip which will make them face their memories, their fears, but above all their true desires.


★★★★ "Grandinetti, Morán and Marrale, an unforgettable trio of performers" – Cinemanía

"A genuine and profound portrait of the human condition." - EscribiendoCine

Spanish with English subtitles